The digital era has brought revolutionary opportunities and changes to the global development of security systems.

ASC Nis' priority is to bring our clients security solutions that synchronized with the most advanced technology available. By understanding thoroughly of what our customers want, our sales engineers will dedicate their best knowledge and experiences to formulate the most cost-efficient design. Even more, all of such designs will be ones that cater greatest flexibility for future expansion and modification. We work to ensure every dollar our clients spend on the systems today will have extra value in the future.

From systems installations to maintenance, we can be reached with just a call.

Besides, the Company has been actively evaluating new technologies and their impacts when incorporating into various solutions. By launching various education programs with our business partners, we aim to deliver a message to our clients that security systems can also perform multiple business functions than just acting as some anti-theft machines in today's world. In another words, they can add value to the entire business' operations through enhancing its efficiency.